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hello there! I’m Savannah!

I am a 25 year old coffee addict, wine drinking, nature loving, constantly moving, fur baby mama, do it yo self crafty lady who has recently taken an interest in blogging.  Some of my guilty pleasures include, but you bet aren’t limited to: Netflix bingeing, cliché romantic sunsets, spending way too much time on pinterest, chai lattes, chalk board writing, & watching corgi videos.

A year ago I tried out the blogging thing for a wedding décor business my friend & I had started. The blog lasted all of 2 months. I am not tech savvy at all. Like period. It’s a mystery how you’re even able to read this right now. Someone upstairs was looking out for a sista I guess. But I thought I’d try it again & this time approach it differently. Like with a, “girl, did you know this?! Well you need to!” audience.

& so, the lady bible to life came about.

Here, I’ll share everything a lady needs to know from DIY to fitness & anything in between.

Open a bottle of wine or brew a cup of coffee… depending on the time it is…. or what kind of day you’re having, & take a look around my site. You won’t be disappointed!


Later Gators!


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