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why I decided to start a blog | confessions from the lady herself

Why I decided to start


To tell you the truth, I started blogging because I had no one to talk to.  

Taylor (my honey bee of 4 ½ years) and I live in rural Nevada. 10 minutes off a paved road in a gully at the base of the Ruby Mountains. We don’t have cable (or basic channels for that matter), wifi, or friends up here. What we do have is our 3 dogs, 2 horses, an a** hole cat, and each other. Now, I love Taylor with all of my heart, but sometimes you want someone to talk to about girly things. And well, Taylor could give a crap about how to make a margarita using 12 different fruits. I mean I can tell him about it, but eventually I’ll be talking to myself. I needed someone who wanted to hear about my margarita recipe… and just like that, I decided I was going to start a blog.


I wanted to share what I had to say, and not just about recipes…I wanted other women to really connect with my thoughts and feelings. Which is kinda hard for me. How do I know if people care? What if they don’t like what I have to say? What if it’s just me? All of these things go through my head each time I sit down to write. And I’ve never been a writer. Like ever. But I’ve been a talker. So, maybe that helps.


When I went home a few weeks ago for a wedding, I ran into a couple of people who told me they loved my blog. Which was shocking to me because I didn’t even think people read it. I mean, I can see my page views,( which is almost to 2k in less than a month with having no idea what I’m doing. GO ME!) so I know that people have viewed my content. However, I still didn’t really feel like people read anything. Like maybe they just accidently clicked on it, or they went to my blog and weren’t interested so the clicked out. Hearing people say they have actually read what I had to say and that they liked it was such a humbling feeling.


Even though my blog following is microscopic, this was a huge milestone for me. It was an affirmation to keep doing what I’m doing. That maybe this won’t fail. Maybe blogging full time can be more than an unattainable dream.  I’ve always told myself that I need to find a job that I love, and then it won’t be a job. It will only be doing what I love. I’ve never had that feeling. I’ve never been able to say, “I love my job”. I’ve only dreaded every Sunday night and prayed for every Friday to get here faster. I don’t want to live like that. I mean, how amazing would it be to say that I let ladies know they aren’t alone in this world, FOR A LIVING. And I want that. I sooooo want that.


I’ve read countless lifestyle blogs and most of them fall under these categories: mom life, fitness mom life, cooking mom life, and budget mom life. This is no exaggeration. Almost every blog I read is from the perspective of a mother. Which is awesome, be-tee-dubs! Go mommies! But, I’m not a mom. One day, but not today. My interests are different than yours. So, knowing that most blogs were mommy blogs… how am I supposed to find a following of 20 something ladies who aren’t moms? I mean, this is who I’m writing for. Are there any ladies out there that fall into MY category? This is my main dilemma. Am I writing for no one?



I guess I’ll find out.



So, long story short. I started this blog for me. For ladies like me. In MY category. And of course for ladies who fall into other categories too. I created this blog to show my perspective, to provide information that ladies actually want to read about, and to let women know they aren’t alone in this crazy world. That’s why I started this blog…a bible, for ladies.  the lady bible to life.



Later gators,




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