to the woman who flirts with my man | b*tch, I see you


TLB to the woman

I’ll keep this short and sweet because you don’t deserve much of my time.

I know you know what you’re doing. Because in case you didn’t notice, I’m a girl too. And I can be just as catty as you are. But, the differences between you and I are respect and devotion. I am devoted to him. He is devoted to me. I respect him. He respects me.


You, you have no respect. You have no respect for me, him, or our relationship.


There is no innocence there. No pleading the fifth. You don’t want a trial. Execution by lethal injection will be your fate.


This isn’t jealousy. This is irritation. Irritation over blatant disregard for a couples love.
No, you know he has a girlfriend. Unless you are president bimbo on planet hoochie in the next galaxy over, (and judging by your insta pictures, you very well might be) you know. You know what you’re doing and who I am.
But what you may not know is, is that you won’t succeed. Maybe with another guy, but not mine.

So here’s your warning. You only get one.

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