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kayla itsines | fitness goddess


Kayla is uniting women around the world with one goal in mind: a healthier you


if you’re ever going to read a fitness post ever, like ever… READ THIS ONE. It could change your life.
With an incredible 5.3 million followers on Instagram and 10 million women who have joined her fitness community, Kayla Itsines’ is taking the fitness world by storm. This amazing lady started her career in Australia in 2008, where she went on to conquer the world! Hear more about how she started here. Kayla developed her bikini body exercise program that targeted all the problem areas ladies want so desperately to work on; legs, arms, and abs. The women that were using her program saw results in 12 weeks or sooner and were spreading the news like wildfire. Just like that, she had created #thekaylamovement. Women everywhere have started her program, shared their stories, created friendships, and changed their lives for the better. Kayla hasn’t just created a fitness program, she has created a community of women who support each other during their weight loss journeys. It’s a beautiful thing.   


This isn’t like any other fitness program I have ever seen. I was first introduced to Kayla Itsines by my younger sister. She had been doing the program and was losing weight like no ones business! She told me I should give it a try, so I did. But of course, after 3 weeks, I gave up. Naturally. Not because I wasn’t seeing results, but because i was motivated enough. At the time, I had no idea there were millions of women doing the program and I could have easily looked to them for inspiration, support, and motivation. I regret this 100%. I actually plan on starting again very soon.

Unlike myself, my sister didn’t throw in the towel. Since starting in 2014, she has now lost 50+lbs! incredible right?! Take a look at her  alanna

before and after . Kayla has even featured her via social media a few times for her amazing transformation!

Ms. Itsines has inspired her to pursue a career in personal fitness. GET IT SISTA! 
You can follow her journey on instagram @molinabbg1.0
If you think this program won’t work on you, YOU’RE DEAD WRONG. Trust me, girl.
The Bikini Body Guide, #BBG, is a 12 week fitness program easily accessible through Kayla’s app, Sweat With Kayla. The workouts include three, 20 minute-ish workout sessions a week targeting all of the problem areas.  Perfect for any of you busy ladies out there! Doesn’t matter if you’re 16 or 45, trying to lose that freshman 15,  just had a baby, or just want to be a lean mean boss lady, try it out. I’ve seen women transform their bodies using Kayla’s program in just 12 weeks. Most of the time, you can see changes in just 4 weeks. Check out her hashtags #BBGprogress and ; #BBG on inta and pinterest if you don’t believe me! These women are doing amazing things and its all thanks to Kayla Itsines!
You can find Kayla’s app and program here and check her out on instagram and facebook.
Make the change to a healthier you RIGHT NOW. Go, right now. I’m not joking. And when you post that first transformation picture, don’t forget to tag the lady who introduced you the fitness goddess! Eh hem, THAT’S ME! @theladybibletolife ! I want to see all you babes and your sessy bikini bods!!
And remember, don’t give up on your body goals and dreams! Today is a good day to start the rest of your healthy life!


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Later Gators!
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