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all bob | no weave

long bob

one of my favorite 2016 beauty trends and why I decided to hop on the band wagon

If you’re a lady thinking about making a change in your life, change up your hair. I promise girl, you won’t regret it!

When I took the plunge to cut off my long locks, it was quick and impulsive. Okay, maybe not so quick and impulsive. .. but , I mean,

pretty impulsive for a lady that hadn’t gotten more than a trim since she was 9. I had decided I wanted to cut my hair on my 8 hour drive back home to California two weeks ago. I had been seeing all of these super cute lobs, aka long bobs, all over pinterest. With the 8 hours all to myself, I decided then that I would chop my hair off the next day. And I did! BEST DECISION EVER!! Not only is the lob a super chic look right now (if you don’t believe me check out some looks from Maire Claire), it’s also so practical during the summer. And I am all about practical chic. My hair had reached new lengths and with the

summer heat, I just couldn’t take it anymore. I have never been so happy!


If you’re a Pretty Little Liars or Game of Thrones fan like myself, then you’ve noticed Lucy Hale and Emilia Clark have been rocking the lob for quite some time now. Even the queen bee herself, Beyonce is down for the bob. This ultra-cute hair style is trending with Hollywood A-listers as well as home grown ladies like myself across the world. 
Emilia Clark looking fab | find this look here

But how do you style this new found do of yours, you ask?! Girl, don’t worry!  I’ve got you covered! Head over to Elle Magazine. They’ve just published 20 different ways to wear a lob  . From straight, to beachy weaves, to luscious curls- you will find a way to wear your new look for every occasion this summer!
 When I decided to cut my hair, I was super nervous. I thought I’d hate it to be honest because I have a round face. I thought it would make me look bigger than I am. But I decided to do it anyway. I needed a change and seriously, I am so happy I took the leap of faith right into that salon chair and into the hands of my stylist, Kimmie. Long hair in the summer sucks. Effing awful. But with this new cut,  sista got a new attitude! Tell me what you think of my before and after in the comments below!

If you’re on the edge of lob and trim, take a look at these tips I got from my amazing hair stylist!


Thick hair? 
No worries child. So is mine!
-Be careful when finding a stylist!  Make sure she knows her way around a thick head of hair. Ask your lady friends with thick locks who they go to. You can end up looking like a bobble head if you don’t do your research!

-LAYERS. Girl, layers. This removes some of the weight from your locks and makes for a more effortless look.

Thin hair?
Omg, there is literally no reason you shouldn’t get a lob!
-Beachy waves and highlights girl… you’ll be fighting off all the hottie hots with a stick!
-The blunt ends will make our hair look fuller and luscious.


Thick or thin, always find a stylist that knows their stuff. Nothing is more depressing than a bad haircut! And JUST DO IT! Join the beauty trend and end the hair induced summer back sweat! (super sexy description, right?!)
If you decided you’re going all bob |no weave,  leave me a comment bellow or head over to my insta and tag me in your new lob photo @theladybibletolife using  the hashtag #allbobnoweave !
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Later Gators!
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